La scarpetta di Venere
 Barrea and the Abruzzo National Park
Barrea is one of the little towns in the Abruzzo national Park and thanks to its geographic location it overlooks the valley and the lake formed by the Sangro river. Its origin dates back to the pre-roman age and amazingly, Barrea still retains the charm and antiquity of the middle Ages.  Walking along the different footpaths you can easily enounter  different kinds of protected animals such as the Abruzzo deer , Appennine wolves, Marsican brown bears, eagles, lynx and many others. Both in the mountains and along the valleys you will find numerous types of trees such as beech, maple, black pine and turkey oaks and a wide variety of mountain flowers such as marsican iris, crocus and gentians. However the most beautiful, is a flower known as the “Little venus Schoe”  which is a very rare variety of orchid.
Via Fontana nuova, 17
67030 Barrea  (Aq)
Tel. +39 0864 88520  Mob.3312491181
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